• Future of HiGlance and what will trigger this growth
    HiGlance is devoted to building cutting edge capabilities, global credibility and of course building global scale in our manufacturing and marketing capabilities. We are on our way to making HiGlance a global Pharmaceutical enterprise and our dream is to see both India and HiGlance being ranked amongst the top league in the pharma sector. We are already geared to attain global scale. Our ambition is to be among the top pharma companies globally.

  • Global markets that the company is looking at
    We plan to take our discovery led programs to international markets through partnering and on our own. US, Russia and Europe will continue to be the key markets. Japan is also an important market like the ROW markets which can be accessed sooner than the regulated markets. Infectional disease, Oncology, Inflammation and Diabetes are where we are focused to build domain expertise.

  • Challenges faced by the Indian Pharma industry
    Despite having established drug development firms and renowned research expertise, the Indian pharmaceutical industry is facing a cash crunch. Inherent challenges facing the pharma outsourcing business are the lack of appropriate infrastructure, issues arising under the Intellectual Property Rights (“IPR”) laws, product liabilities, ensuring exclusivity and the need for increased industry- academia partnerships. Other issues that require attention include but are not limited to: Exchange Control regulations; labour laws; contract terms and conditions; mechanisms for dispute resolution and the tax issues relating to withholding tax, transfer pricing and tax holidays/exemptions, etc.

  • Key drivers of the Indian Pharma industry
    A number of molecules are slated to go off patent in the coming years, opening opportunities for Indian firms. Frost & Sullivan reckons that the US and Europe alone offer potential to generate sales of $16.4 billion by 2011. Besides, the Indian market itself is quite large, thanks to changing economic demographics .
    - Our competitive edge comes from strong manufacturing skills coupled with low- cost base, generating high capital efficiency.
    - It is now possible to establish that indigenously made drugs are comparable to the original products through pharmacokinetic, pharmacodynamic, and clinical studies. A plus factor from India's perspective.
    - Imminent introduction in the U.S. and Europe of a regulatory framework for approving generic versions of biologicals considerably improves our sales and marketing prospects

  • Suggested measures for growth of Pharma industry in India
    - To allow 100% FDI by automatic route in the pharma sector.
    - pharmacetical should also get the “priority sector” tag for lending funds by banks for long gestation projects .
    - To introduce fiscal measures that support incremental R&D investment.
    - To desist from any price control measures.
    - To strengthen human resources with an objective of meeting the industry demand in terms of specialized skills.
    - To improve the Regulatory and IP infrastructure.

  • Future Growth of the Indian Pharma industry
    The Indian pharma sector is on a growth trajectory with the potential to deliver $12 billion revenues by 2010 and $40 billion by 2020. If the National pharma Strategy is successfully implemented, this ambition will be easily achieved. We need to focus on creating a strong educational foundation in terms of higher and specialized education and on forging strong links between Industry and Academia.


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- HiGlance Laboratories designed Calcium combination with a unique new technology called "Dispersion Technology", which ensures early absorption & faster dissolution with delicious orange flavor.

- HiGlance Laboratories entered into Cardio & Diabetic segment with the launch of "CD Care" division to cater millions of people suffering from Cardio & Diabetes diseases.

- HiGlance Laboratories is partcipated(one of the major sponsor) in Research Society for the Study of Diabetes in India (RSSDI 2019) at Jaipur, Endocrine Society of India (ESICON) 2019 at Nagpur, Cardiological Society of India (CSICON 2019) at New Delhi, Association of Physicians of India (APICON 2020) at Agra .

- HiGlance Started their New Production facility for soft Gelatin Capsules.

- HiGlance entered into liquid oral segment and already started commercial production. Our product range includes Antibiotics, Antipyretic, Anti-inflammatory, Analgesic, Ant allergy, Cough Preparations, Multivitamins etc.

- HiGlance entered in chain pharmacy segment & started catering to millions of people in India.