Production Facilities - Tablet Section

HiGlance existing plant has a manufacturing capacity of over 2 billion units of HiGlance tablets annually. (Coated/uncoated).

Granulation/ Compression/ Coating

The plant has two independent/separate lines with equipments that can process two different products at the same HiGlance time without cross-contamination. Each tablet line equipped with RMG mounted with PLC, vacuum transfer arrangement for powder and granules to Fluid Bed Dryer. Fluid Bed Dryer mounted with PLC to auto-control the process parameters, to have uniform drying to have better bio-availability of final product. Tablet compression having automatic machines with PLC and automated control, lifting and charging device to feed the compression machine. Each Tablet line is equipped with automatic coating machine. The machine is used for either film, enteric or sugar coating of tablets to meet formulation requirements. Coating machine has precision solution spray system suitable for aqueous / solvent / sugar and automated process control with PLC and recording facilities of all key process.

Packing Section

HiGlance HiGlance quality consciousness extends to cover the packaging with automatic Alu-Alu blister, Alu-PVC blister, strip and bulk packing lines of every product, to maintain the safety, stability and integrity of wide range of products. Packaging materials and processes conform to international standards. Optimum packaging is complemented by a classy, contemporary look, created by in-house design professionals and executed at top-of-the-line printing presses. Packaging and labeling are continuously reviewed to enhance aesthetics and clarity.


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News & Events

- HiGlance Laboratories designed Calcium combination with a unique new technology called "Dispersion Technology", which ensures early absorption & faster dissolution with delicious orange flavor.

- HiGlance Laboratories entered into Cardio & Diabetic segment with the launch of "CD Care" division to cater millions of people suffering from Cardio & Diabetes diseases.

- HiGlance Laboratories is partcipated(one of the major sponsor) in Research Society for the Study of Diabetes in India (RSSDI 2019) at Jaipur, Endocrine Society of India (ESICON) 2019 at Nagpur, Cardiological Society of India (CSICON 2019) at New Delhi, Association of Physicians of India (APICON 2020) at Agra .

- HiGlance Started their New Production facility for soft Gelatin Capsules.

- HiGlance entered into liquid oral segment and already started commercial production. Our product range includes Antibiotics, Antipyretic, Anti-inflammatory, Analgesic, Ant allergy, Cough Preparations, Multivitamins etc.

- HiGlance entered in chain pharmacy segment & started catering to millions of people in India.